Anxiety and Depression Association of America says that 10 percent of seniors fear falling more than robbery or excessive debt. Around 3 percent of senior citizens refuse to go outside or leave their yard due to that fear.


Elder Care in Avon IN: Senior Falls Tips

Elder Care in Avon IN: Senior Falls Tips


Studies find that elderly men and women who have fallen and are now scared have a 56 percent chance of falling again within a year. If your mom has fallen, it’s time to help her regain her confidence.


Explore Why She Fell and Fix It


-Find out why your mom fell. If she slipped coming out of a bathtub or shower, grab bars and non-slip mats can help her. If she slipped on a kitchen mat, remove it. If she tripped on the stairs, better lighting and handrails can help.


-What if she fell because of joint pain? Arthritis pain and weakening muscles often affect balance and stamina. If that’s the cause of her fall, look into beginner classes in Tai Chi or Yoga that can help her strengthen muscles. Seeing a physical therapist may also help her with balance and muscle strength.


-The side effects of medications may cause dizziness or drowsiness that leads to a fall. If possible, have her take her medications at night before going to sleep. If that doesn’t work, talk to her doctor about changing her medications to avoid the side effects that led to the fall.


Improve Home Safety


-Go through her home and pinpoint the trouble areas where falls may occur. The bathroom is just one area. In the kitchen, move her frequently used small appliances like a coffeemaker and toaster to the counter. Put others on top shelves. Invest in a stepladder than has handles she can hold while using it.


-Make sure the lighting in all of her rooms is bright enough. You don’t want her tripping on a pet while trying to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Motion-sensing night lights will help illuminate obstacles.


-Avoid furniture that is hard to get out of. If she has a low, soft sofa, replace it with one that is higher and firm. Arms on the sofa should be easy to hold onto for support while standing and sitting.


Join Her if You Can

If you can, join your mom on walks and physical activity. Having someone to hold onto while walking is often helpful at getting a senior who has fallen once to remain active.

If your work prevents you from joining her, explore the home care services available in her area. A call to a home care agency can help you pinpoint the best services to help your mom with her fear of falling again.


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