Every week, millions of seniors across the country ages 65 and older are discovering they aren’t able to complete daily tasks, as well as they used to.
This decline in mobility is usually subtle at first, such as forgetting to pay a bill or not keeping up with dirty dishes. Then it may grow more serious, such as leaving food on a hot stove or experiencing a slip and fall in the shower.


Elderly Care in Carmel IN: Accomplishing Daily Tasks


When family caregivers discover a pattern of struggles for their elderly loved one, they must begin the difficult conversations on what to do to keep their loved one safe, comfortable and healthy while remaining in their home. Many seek out home care providers to support seniors who want to remain as independent as possible.

But how can family caregivers know when their aging loved ones cannot accomplish daily tasks? It’s difficult for elderly loved ones to ask for help. Many even actively hide the fact that they struggle because they are worried about what it might mean for their future. Here are a few areas where family caregivers can observe their elderly loved ones to assess whether it is time for home care providers in some form.


Here are a few areas where family caregivers should look for clues concerning their elderly loved one’s struggles to stay clean, fed and healthy.
If they notice areas that are subpar, it may be time to hire a home care provider.


Physical Abilities

It’s easy to connect the dots when an elderly relative is experiencing some physical disabilities that would most likely block them from doing daily tasks. Examples include recovering from surgery, poor vision, using a cane or walker, arthritis, incontinence, and early stages of dementia. A doctor’s diagnosis of these or any similar symptoms can be a good indicator that they need help at home.


Personal Hygiene

Often one of the first areas to reveal that an elderly person is challenged, personal hygiene is also easy to spot. Family caregivers should watch for repeat outfits in the same week, body smells, and dirty hair and face. They can also look for soap, shampoo and deodorant use to make sure the products are being used.


Keeping House

Maintaining a healthy and clean environment is important for health and comfort. However, if seniors are unable to keep up with the demands, it could mean they are jeopardizing their health and safety. Common household tasks include paying bills, doing laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, washing up dishes, and avoiding clutter.



If an elderly person can no longer shop for food or prepare nutritious meals and snacks, it can have a serious effect on their health and wellness. Family caregivers can look in the refrigerator and in cupboards to ensure there are fresh food and plenty of it.


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