Conservation of energy is a hugely important idea for your senior family member. This is a way of ensuring that she is using energy only in ways that make sense for her so that she doesn’t wear herself out.

Home Health Care in Avon IN: Senior Energy Conservation

Home Health Care in Avon IN: Senior Energy Conservation

Use Strategy to Determine Her Tasks

Combining tasks or eliminating tasks that are not as necessary as they appear can make a big difference for your senior’s energy levels. Being strategic with this can get rid of unnecessary energy drains pretty quickly. Look for tasks that aren’t particularly exhausting for your senior to get the best results.

Organize Activities around Energy Levels

How your senior schedules her activities throughout the day can have a tremendous impact on her energy levels. When your elderly family member tends to have more energy, such as earlier in the day, that’s when you need to schedule the most strenuous activities. If you can schedule appointments when your elderly family member has more energy, that’s useful, too. This may not be an exact science, however, so you may need to go with the flow of your senior’s energy levels.

Double up on Some Household Items

One way for your senior to burn more energy than she should is to consistently need something that tends to be in a different part of the house. If possible, keeping multiples of items your aging family member needs often in various parts of the house can help her to conserve some of her energy. This might involve setting up several areas that contain cleaning supplies, for instance, or a linen closet upstairs as well as downstairs.

Get Help with Household Tasks

Pride goes before a fall, as they say, and the same can be true for your senior. It can be incredibly important for her to maintain a certain set of standards around her home, yet that can also exhaust her. Hiring home care providers to help with those household tasks is just one way that you can help her to use that energy in other ways.

Use Rolling Carts to Carry Items around the House

When your elderly family member needs to move items from one part of her home to another, it makes sense to use a tool or device to make that job easier. Rolling carts can be one of the easiest ways to carry items around the house because they require far less energy to move than if your senior carried the items by hand.

As your elderly family member’s health and needs change, she may need your help in determining other ways to help her to conserve more energy. Work together to figure out what is working well for her and what needs to be changed or adjusted in order to function better.

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