Many elderly adults lose their independence. This can happen in many ways. However, no matter what the cause is for your elderly loved one, they may feel depressed, irritable, alone, or otherwise disabled. They might feel as if they can’t do anything. It is up to you and their senior care providers to remind them they can still do some things.


Home Health Care in Greenwood IN: Senior Loss of Independence

Home Health Care in Greenwood IN: Senior Loss of Independence


Not Able to Drive

Many elderly adults are unable to drive. This is one reason they might need senior care providers to help them out in the first place. They might need the providers to take them to doctor’s appointments, social events, and even family events, as well. Not being able to drive can be a big hit for many elderly adults. They may feel incapable of doing the most basic of things if they can’t drive any longer.


Not Able to Live Alone

Many elderly adults have to move in with their family members. They can’t properly take care of themselves any longer. This might cause them to become less independent. It can be a frustrating feeling. If your elderly loved one has to come live with you and you can’t always take care of them, you can hire senior care providers to help out. These providers can be there to help your loved one when they need it. However, they can also encourage your loved ones to still be independent in other ways.


Lost Control with Daily Routines

Once an elderly adult becomes more dependent on others to help with daily activities, they lose control of their daily routines. Their loved ones or senior care providers are calling the shots for what is going to be done and when it is going to be done. If you find that your elderly loved one is having an issue with their loss of independence, maybe you can get them involved in helping to plan for the daily routines. This could help them to feel better.


Loss of Financial Capabilities

As your loved one gets older, they may no longer be able to balance their checkbook. They may have a tough time when it comes to managing any of their finances, including buying groceries. When this happens, you or their senior care providers might have to take over. This can take a huge toll on your loved one. They may feel so lost and might even become depressed.


If you notice your elderly loved one is having any of these issues, be sure you do what you can to help them feel better. Let them know they can still do some things. They are not completely dependent on you or others.


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