If you are taking care of an elderly adult, you want to boost your relationship and keep things positive and fun for as long as possible. While your loved one might not be as strong or energetic as they used to be, there are some activities that you can do with them to build the bond between the two of you. If you don’t have the extra time to do all these activities, make sure their elder care providers work with them on these activities.


Homecare in Southport IN: Activities That You Can Do



Exercising is so good for everyone, especially the elderly adults. Not only will it keep your loved one physically healthy, but it will keep their brain mentally sharp, as well. Exercising also helps people to get a good night’s sleep and helps them to stick to a routine, too. If you aren’t currently exercising with your elderly loved one or having them exercise, get them into an exercise routine right away.


Turn on the Tunes

Another great activity for elderly adults is music. If you turn on the tunes, you can help your elderly loved one to relax. In addition, sometimes music can help your loved one reminisce about the good times. They may think back on their wedding day if you play their first dance song. Music is a great way to boost mood, as well. If your loved one is feeling on edge, turning on the tunes might help them to calm down.



Gardening is another great activity for elderly adults. You don’t have to help your elderly loved one build a huge garden. However, just getting them outside to work on a small flower or food garden can help a great deal. You can also have them work on an indoor garden, as well.



Many elderly adults also love to work on crafts. They might like to crochet, scrapbook, do a puzzle, paint, or do another creative activity. Getting your loved one into a project like this is going to stimulate their mind and boost the relationship the two of you have together. The possibilities are endless. There are so many simple and quick craft ideas that you can find on the internet.

These are some of the fun activities that you can do with your elderly loved one. If you are trying to find activities that they will love, start by picking out just one of these. You can even ask your elderly loved one which one of these activities they would like to do the most.


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