The Benefits Of Home Health Care Wound Management For Seniors

Wounds are something that affects millions of seniors each year. More than five million seniors every year develop wounds for a variety of reasons. Seniors can get a wound from a cut or a scratch, they can wound themselves falling, or they may have a high risk of wounds from medical conditions like diabetes. Seniors can also develop bedsores and other wounds if they have limited mobility or if they have trouble showering. Home health care for wound management is the best way to treat and prevent wounds in seniors.


Home Health Care in Noblesville IL: Wound Management

Home Health Care in Noblesville IL: Wound Management


A home health care provider with the medical training to treat existing wounds and prevent new ones can ensure that your senior loved one is safe and healthy at home. Just a few of the benefits of home health care for wounds include:


No Hassles Going To The Doctor

For seniors getting to the doctor can be very difficult. And it’s also difficult for caregivers if family caregivers are trying to juggle caring for kids with caring for their parents or if they need to request time off from work to take a senior to the doctor. A home health care provider that comes to the house and treats seniors at home frees up hours of time for family caregivers. It also means that seniors don’t have to go out in bad weather or worry about transportation. And seniors who have limited mobility won’t have to struggle to get to a medical appointment at hospital or doctor’s office.

Consistent Treatment

Wound treatment needs to be consistent in order for it to be effective. Some wounds can take a long time to heal and they need constant and consistent treatment. Seniors who have compromised immune systems may find that it takes their bodies even longer than normal to heal a wound. It’s not really feasible for most seniors to see the doctor every week or every two weeks for wound care. But a home health care provider who comes to you senior loved one’s home on a regular basis can provide the consistency that your senior loved one needs to heal.

Regular Monitoring

If your senior loved one has a health condition that makes them prone to developing wounds, like diabetes, it’s important for someone to be monitoring your senior loved one often to catch an signs of wounds that are recurring before they become infected or a serious threat to your senior loved one’s health. A home health care provider will be able to monitor your senior loved one’s condition and step in with care to prevent new wounds from occurring.

Wound Prevention

Sometimes nothing can be done to prevent a senior’s wound. If your senior loved one falls, or gets cut, or gets an infection that leads to a wound there’s not much that can prevent that. But some wounds can be prevented with regular showers and consistent personal care. Exercise can also help prevent some wounds. A home health care provider has the skill and training to help your senior loved ones prevent wounds while they age in place.


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