Athlete’s foot doesn’t require your senior to be an athlete in order to show up. In fact, athlete’s foot is extremely common, especially if your senior wears tight shoes or wears the same socks or slippers often. It’s easy to correct and to prevent, as long as you’re following some basic steps.


Elder Care in Noblesville IN: Athlete’s Foot

Elder Care in Noblesville IN: Athlete’s Foot


Keep Her Feet Clean on a Regular Basis

When your senior cleans her feet regularly she helps to remove germs, bacteria, and fungi that can lead to athlete’s foot. Washing in between your senior’s toes, the bottom of her feet, and all over and around the foot helps. If your senior is susceptible to athlete’s foot because of her footwear, soaps made with tea tree oil can help a lot. Make sure that your senior swaps out fresh socks every day and that she washes slippers at least every few days, more often if her feet sweat.

Make Sure that Her Feet Are Able to Dry Thoroughly

Once her feet are clean, they need to be dry. Damp areas, especially in between toes, are more likely to breed bacteria and allow fungi to proliferate. All of this is bad news if your elderly family member is trying to avoid athlete’s foot. Using a towel helps, but to really be thorough, a hairdryer set to the coolest setting can do the trick.

Watch for Signs of Athlete’s Foot and Other Problems

It’s important to know what to look for with athlete’s foot. Your senior might describe itching or pain in her feet, especially between her toes. When you look at her feet, you might see red, irritated skin or even peeling skin. Over-the-counter creams can often take care of this situation easily, for your elderly family member, so follow the directions on the package.

Talk to Her Doctor if Your Senior Can’t Kick Athlete’s Foot Easily

If those remedies don’t work or you aren’t sure if your elderly family member is dealing with athlete’s foot, contact her doctor right away. That’s going to help you both to know for sure if she’s got athlete’s foot or something else. Regardless, you’ll be able to find a solution for her that is more likely to be effective.

Elder care providers can also be a huge help for your senior. They can assist with personal care tasks like bathing and keeping her feet in good condition. This is especially important if your elderly family member is having a difficult time with these tasks on her own.


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