There are a lot of important tasks and issues to address for your elderly family member when you’re her caregiver. The worst part, though, is that those issues and tasks may all seem equally important at first. They’re also difficult to track until you start to break them down.


Elder Care in Noblesville IN: Address the Important Stuff

Elder Care in Noblesville IN: Address the Important Stuff


Look into Any Possible Safety Issues

Safety issues are the biggest important item to check into for your senior. You’re going to want to make sure that she’s able to avoid tripping hazards and that she’s able to safely maneuver in her home. You may also want to install grab bars, especially in the bathroom. Anything that causes difficulty or trouble with mobility is a cause for concern. Talk to your senior about what makes her feel unsafe or what’s difficult for her, especially in terms of mobility concerns.


Go Over What She Needs for Overall Health

It’s also important to look into what your elderly family member needs, in general, to be healthy. This might involve working with her doctor to determine what her existing health issues demand. It could also mean adjusting some of the things that you’re doing to accommodate your elderly family member’s health issues. Being thorough now means you’re less likely to miss or overlook something.


Look at Positive Changes You Can Make

There are other positive changes you can make, too. There may be courses, exercise programs, and more that your elderly family member wants to try or add to her day. Anything that challenges her brain, helps her to move her body, and ultimately affects her mood positively, might be a change that you need to make for your senior’s benefit.


Write Everything Down

Whether you’re tackling certain changes and concerns now or know that you’re waiting for one reason or another, document it all. You might think you’re going to remember those changes and concerns, but life gets in the way and some of those things get lost. Plus, keeping a running list allows you to look back and remember all that you and your senior have accomplished together.

You may feel like it’s difficult keeping up with all of this and even noticing everything that still needs to be addressed for your elderly family member. Home care providers can make a difference for you. They can help you to spot potential issues and also give your senior help with specific tasks as needed.


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