Shingles is not fun for anyone at all, but it can be torture for your senior. Getting the shingles vaccine can help her to reduce the likelihood of developing shingles, so talk to her doctor. If your elderly family member has never had shingles before, you need to learn as much as you can about it and what you may be able to do to help prevent her from experiencing even the first outbreak.


Elder Care in Westfield IN: Shingles Care

Elder Care in Westfield IN: Shingles Care

Shingles Defined

Shingles is the common name for a virus that can pop up at any time. It’s related to the family of viruses that causes cold sores and chickenpox, so it’s very similar in appearance. It’s a rash that forms blisters that can pop and become painful. Many people find that shingles is very itchy, but scratching is only going to create bigger problems. Scratching can also spread the rash from one part of your seniors’ body to another. The virus doesn’t have a cure, but there are treatments that can help a little with comfort.


The Symptoms Are Tough to Miss

There’s usually no doubt whether your elderly family member is dealing with shingles or something else. The rash itself is quite distinctive, usually forming on your senior’s torso at first. The rash may simply be itchy at first, although some people experience pain first. The first outbreak may be the worst, including extreme pain and blisters that become painful and often burst. Shingles can be exhausting because the virus spreads through your senior’s entire body. Rest, fluids, and a healthy diet can all help.


Treating and Preventing Shingles

Shingles doesn’t have a cure, but there are ways to treat the situation. Antiviral medications, over-the-counter pain relievers, and topical creams and ointments may be able to help reduce the pain and discomfort your senior is feeling. If your elderly family member has several outbreaks one after another, her doctor may recommend that she takes antiviral medications long-term in an effort to send the virus back into remission. Her doctor can help you to work out a plan that keeps your senior as comfortable as possible and helps her to deal with the effects of shingles.

Shingles can really take your senior off her game for a while. Having help from you and from elderly care providers can make life a lot easier. Your senior will be able to rest and recover from the experience.


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