As abilities change and some daily activities become harder to do independently, it’s time to consider senior care for your parents. They may be reluctant. What can you do to sell them on senior care when it’s difficult for them to talk about it?


Home Care Services in Greenwood IN: Selling Senior Care

Home Care Services in Greenwood IN: Selling Senior Care


Talk About What Senior Care Offers

Make sure your parents know what senior care offers. Say your mom fell and broke her wrist. She’s been unable to cook meals or do the laundry. Caregivers can help until she’s healed and ready to do things on her own. Senior care services do not have to be a life-long prospect.

Your dad learns he has Parkinson’s and needs help with many aspects of daily living. He needs someone to drive him to stores and medical offices. He needs someone to do the housework and laundry. He needs someone to prepare his meals. Senior care helps out with whatever he can’t do without help.


Reassure That Senior Care is Designed to Help Them Stay Independent

Make sure your parents are reassured that the goal of senior care is to keep them independent. Sometimes, older adults worry that caregivers will take away their freedom. Caregivers are there to help them live independently at home by offering supportive services.

Your parents need to know that with caregivers helping them handle activities they can’t handle on their own, they’re able to remain independent for longer.


Have Them Talk to Family Friends and Relatives

If you know of any family friends or relatives who already get senior care services, have your parents talk to them. As your parents learn more about what others experience, they’ll be more receptive to the idea.

It may be helpful for your parents to watch videos or see firsthand what caregivers are doing to help their friends and family members live independently at home. If they see what it’s like, it will also help them feel at ease.


Get the Family Involved

Ask the rest of the close family for input. Some of your brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, and grandchildren may want to help out. If they can reduce the number of hours that senior care is needed, your parents may be less reluctant to work with professional caregivers.

Involve your parents in all discussions regarding senior care. If they’re given a chance to make decisions, senior care may be easier for them to adjust to. Let them ask questions when you call a senior care specialist to schedule services for the hours they need help.


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