Bathing and taking a shower may never have been something that you thought your senior would fight you on, but it’s surprisingly common. Here are some things that you can do to help to reduce the fights and convince your senior to work with you.


Home Care in Southport IN: Your Senior and Bathing

Home Care in Southport IN: Your Senior and Bathing


Put Together a Routine You Both Agree On

Having a routine is important for so many situations, but particularly for bathing. Sit down with your elderly family member and see if there’s anything at all you can both agree about when it comes to her and bathing. Perhaps a daily shower isn’t something that you can agree on together but having a bath three times a week is. Work with the situation the best you can.


Look for Ways to Adjust the Bathroom

Very often the bathroom is the problem. Your senior may feel insecure in the tub, for instance, or a shower may have been soothing and comfortable in the past, but now it’s scarier or the water splashing feels weird. The temperature when she’s undressed may be too cool, even when it feels warm to you. Assess as many of the variables as you can and adjust what you can.


Use Positive Reinforcement Rather than Negative Reinforcement

Arguing is a negative reinforcement for your senior. In fact, argue too much and she may not ever want to talk about bathing again. What you really want to do is to positively reinforce the actions and reactions that you want to happen. When your senior agrees to bathe, find a way to reward that behavior that is enjoyable for her. That might mean doing something fun together or some other positive response.


You’re in This Together

Remember that you and your senior are in this together. If you’re using a lot of “you” statements, your elderly family member may start to subconsciously feel as if you’re picking on her or working against her in some way. Use “we” statements instead, to help reinforce to your elderly family member that you and she are a team and that you’re going to get through all of this together.
Step away from the bathing issue completely if you need to. Senior care providers are a better option for some seniors when it comes to bathing simply because it’s embarrassing to have family members helping with these tasks. Give the idea a try and see if it works for your elderly family member.


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