Foot pain can be incredibly painful and frustrating for your senior.

It can also distract her from the things that are going well in her life and keep her from the activities that she loves. Getting to the root cause of foot pain can help your senior to find solutions.


Home Health Care in Westfield IN: Foot Pain

Home Health Care in Westfield IN: Foot Pain


Foot Injuries

Any time that your senior injures her feet, that causes problems. Old injuries can also flare up, such as when the weather gets bad. If your elderly family member does experience an injury to her feet, it’s a good idea to have her doctor look into the situation. It’s very possible to break a bone in or around the feet and not realize it.


Excess Weight

Being a few pounds overweight puts more pressure on your senior’s feet. If she’s got old injuries as well, that can cause them to feel even more painful. Even worse, your senior can reinjure herself in the same area. Finding ways to reduce her weight be even a little bit can be incredibly helpful.



As frustrating as it is to hear, simple aging can be to blame for a lot of foot pain. Your senior’s feet change as she grows older and the skin and muscle in and around her feet also changes. Her soles may lose some of the paddings, making it more difficult to walk for long distances without proper cushioning. The right shoes can make a huge difference.


Ill-fitting Shoes

That said, your senior needs shoes that fit her properly. Her shoe size may be different than it was when she was younger, which might mean that her old shoes aren’t the right size any longer. She may need to have her feet measured to make sure that she gets shoes that are exactly the right ones for her.


Medical Conditions

There may also be medical issues that create foot pain for your senior. Many people who experience gout find that it flares up primarily in their feet. Diabetics often find that they experience neuropathy in their feet before they experience it anywhere else. Talk to your senior’s doctor about how her health and her medical conditions can impact her foot health and foot pain.

Foot pain makes it difficult for your elderly family member to live her best life. She may find it’s difficult to handle the tasks that she’s always taken care of on her own. Elderly care providers can help her to be able to rest, while still having a clean home, homemade meals, and having other tasks handled, too.


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