Excessive heat and humidity levels impact so many things. They’re two very good reasons for keeping your mom inside, but she insists on getting exercise. She wants to stay fit, but you don’t want her inside. How can you satisfy both sides of this worrisome situation?


Homecare in Brownsburg IN: Stay Fit When It's Too Hot

Homecare in Brownsburg IN: Stay Fit When It’s Too Hot



Aim for Early Morning

In most areas, even a hot day will start with a cooler morning. When possible, a morning walk is best. Aim for the hours as the sun starts to rise. Your mom should get her walk in before the sun is fully over the horizon and get back inside. She can shower after her walk.


Get a Treadmill, Rowing Machine, or Other Indoor Exerciser

Talk to your mom’s doctor to see what exercise machine is best suited to her abilities. She may not have any serious issues, which makes it easy to choose something you think she’d enjoy. A treadmill is great if she likes to walk. If she’s into bicycling, a stationary bike is perfect. She might like an elliptical or rowing machine, too.


Head to a Pool

Head to a pool or other water source and let your mom swim laps for half an hour. A lake, pond, or quiet ocean cove is ideal for swimming. Make sure she applies sunscreen around 15 minutes before heading outside into the sun. If she keeps a t-shirt on while she swims, the damp t-shirt will keep her cool on the ride back home, too.


Put on a Video

She can workout inside without needing any equipment. Get a computer or TV and put on a video. If she has access to YouTube, there are all kinds of Zumba, Yoga, Tai Chi, and other exercise programs for free.


Go Shopping

Do you have a mall nearby? Take your mom shopping or arrange to have a caregiver take her to a mall. It’s an air-conditioned environment, so there are no worries about her overheating. She can walk at a brisk pace around the mall levels, stop and get something to eat or drink, and take care of any urgent purchases all in the same trip.

People associate elder care as being a service people need when they’re barely able to walk. That isn’t the case. Elder care is there to help older adults retain a level of independence they can’t if they’re left alone. Companionship, medication reminders, and reminders to have water or eat a snack are three ways caregivers help. When it’s hot, they’ll make sure your mom stays hydrated and avoids being outside during the hottest hours of the day.

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