Senior Care: Battling a Chest Cold? Make Sure Your Mom’s Set While You Stay Home

Senior Care: Your throat is a little scratchy.

You know you’re coming down with something, and it’s not surprising as everyone in your daughter’s school has been sick with a chest cold. The last thing you should do is go to your mom’s house to help her. If you do, your mom could end up getting that cold from you. If you share a home, she needs to stay away from you. That can be trickier, but there are still options such as senior care worth consideration.

Older adults can have a weaker immune system. That cold that you get through with relative ease could lead to a struggle for your mom. You need to eliminate the risk of spreading your cold to her. How do you do that?

Much of this depends on where you both live. If you share a home, you need to isolate yourself. If you’re in another home and drive to her house each day, stay home until you’re well.

Senior Care in Greenwood IN: Senior Chest Cold

Senior Care in Greenwood IN: Senior Chest Cold


How to Isolate in a Shared Home

You live with your mom, or she lives with you. It would help if you stayed away from her. If you’re in the main home and she’s in the in-law apartment, make sure she stays out of your home for now.

She might be in the main home in her own bedroom. If that’s the case, do your best to stay in your room and make sure she stays out. Use one bathroom and have her use another one. Once you’re better, you need to clean and sterilize the bathroom and bedroom before she touches anything.


See if a Sibling Can Host Her for a Week or Two

Your brother lives an hour or two away. You could see if he can take your mom into his home for a week or two while you recover. She gets to spend time with another child, And you don’t struggle to keep your germs away from her.

If you don’t have any siblings or are not close enough, see if an aunt, uncle, cousins, or close family friend can help. The goal is to get her out of your germ-filled home for a while.


Senior Care: Let Elder Care Aides Take Over While You Stay Home

It’s an excellent idea to have a backup plan when it comes to aging at home. If you’re the primary caregiver, you can’t risk spreading a cold or flu to your mom. Stay home until you’re better and hire an elder care aide for respite care.

With senior care services, your mom has all the help she needs with activities of daily living. But, you’re free to stay home without worrying about your mom being left alone to struggle with personal care, meals, transportation, housekeeping, or any other tasks she has a difficult time completing independently.


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