Sleep Issues: If your elderly family member is having trouble with sleep, some of these ideas can help.

Keep in mind though that if they don’t alleviate the situation, her doctor is the best next step to determine what else is going on with her sleep issues.


Homecare in Beech Grove IN: Getting Sleep

Homecare in Beech Grove IN: Getting Sleep


Double Check Her Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is the set of habits that your senior relies on to get the sleep that she needs. Poor sleep hygiene can lead very quickly to bad sleep. For instance, if your elderly family member has random timing for when she goes to bed and gets up, that can keep her system a little out of whack. Likewise, stimulants like caffeine too late in the day can wreak havoc on sleep. Paying attention to those small details can solve a great many problems with sleep issues.


Naps Can Be Helpful

Naps are great and they can be incredibly relaxing, but they too can play into poor sleep hygiene if they’re misused. Naps around 20 minutes or shorter are ideal for resting without messing with your senior’s entire sleep routine. Relying on naps too much can be a clue that sleep is disordered in other ways.


Check Your Senior’s Mattress

How long has it been since your senior got a new mattress? Most people forget that mattresses have a lifespan. If it’s been longer than 10 years since your senior replaced her mattress, it’s definitely time for a new one. It may help with aches and pains, as well as sleep issues she’s having.

Consider Some Sleep Tools

There are lots of other sleep tools, too. There are smartphone apps that can help her to meditate before bed or that can play white noise, nature sounds, and other sounds as she sleeps. There are also alarm clocks that mimic the rising sun that help her to wake up without relying on harsh alarms. Exploring some of these options might be a great plan.

Sleep Issues: Conclusion

One of the reasons your senior might be having trouble sleeping is if she’s actually too tired. Trying to do too much or keeping up with too many things, like household tasks that are taking longer and getting more difficult, can take a toll. Consider bringing in elder care providers to help, which can ease those burdens of sleep issues on your senior and help her to rest.

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