What is Home Health Care?

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Benefits of Home Health Care

Professionally trained home care agencies offer a number of benefits to both patients and their families. First, moving the care of a sick or injured patient into their home offers a level of comfort and convenience that can aid in the healing process. Also, home care is usually less expensive than care in a hospital or skilled nursing facility, reducing the financial burden on the patient and loved ones. Additionally, experienced medical staff will coordinate with the patient, the patient’s physicians, therapists, and family to fulfill doctors’ orders and develop a customized care plan providing a more personalized approach to each case. Finally, the level of care provided by professionally licensed staff is just as effective as the care given in a hospital or nursing facility.

Home Services Unlimited Provides Quality Home Care

The Home Services Unlimited team works with patients, doctors, therapists, and families to fulfill their mission of providing “the best home health care available by treating each patient as an individual, with respect and compassion, in a home of the patient’s choosing.” Their expert staff of nurses, aides, therapists, social workers, and other professionals work to provide patients with a customized care plan that goes above and beyond the benefits outlined above. Their staff has a diverse range of expertise allowing them to offer services that most other agencies shy away from such as Telehealth Monitoring and Anodyne Therapy.

Over 95% of their professional staff has at least 5 years of experience, with the majority having 15 years of experience or more. All employees are licensed and have an extensive background check prior to employment with the company. Additionally, Home Services Unlimited’s Certified Home Health Aides undergo 80 hours of classroom training and 12 hours of annual in-service training to keep skills up to date. Nurses and therapists also undergo regular in-services.

With a wide variety of services, experienced and compassionate staff, and numerous benefits, home care might be the best solution for you or a loved one who is in need of continuing medical treatment. Let Home Services Unlimited help create a customized home care plan for you or your loved one today.

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Home health care is a term used to define the wide range of health care services that are performed in the patient’s home as opposed to a clinic, physician’s office or other outpatient care facility. In general, home care involves part-time, skilled nursing services or other health care services such as physical therapy or disease management. These services are administered in the comfort of the patient’s home or assisted living facility. Medical social worker and home health aide services are also generally included in home care services.

Treating a patient’s illness or injury in an effort to help the individual regain independence, avoid further hospitalization, and become as self-sufficient as possible are the main goals of home health care. Additionally, home care workers not only treat medical conditions and injuries, but provide additional companionship to the recovering patient.

Home Health Care Services

“Home health care” encompasses a number of varying services. Nursing services include wound care, IV therapy, or help with managing different diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. Therapy services like speech or physical therapy following trauma or illness are also included as a part of home care. Medical social work falls under home care, as medical social workers help families and patients navigate payment options, educate patients and families on methods of care, or arrange for care of a homebound patient. Personal care attendants help home care recipients with basic daily activities or even other activities such as laundry, shopping or cooking. Finally, there are a number of different machines or medical technologies that can be used in the patient’s home to help aid in the healing or health monitoring of the individual that fall under the umbrella of home care services.

Typically, patients receive a combination of the above services from a licensed home health care provider. Services are usually broken down into two types of groups by the professional providing care: medical and rehabilitation services and life assistance services. Medical and rehabilitation services are provided by licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, home care aides, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, and dietitians. Life assistance services include help with bathing, dressing, using the toilet, eating, walking, housework, meal preparation, shopping, taking medication, or other activities of daily living. Typically these services are provided by a licensed home health aide, personal care attendant, or companion.

Home Services Unlimited provides a wide variety of the above services including:

  • Nursing services, such as IV therapy, drug monitoring, and wound care
  • Disease management for diabetes, renal disease, heart disease, pain management, and many others
  • Anodyne, Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
  • Medical Social Workers
  • Certified Home Health Aides
  • Personal Care Attendants and Companions
  • Private Duty or Respite Care
  • Telehealth Monitoring Systems
  • Emergency response systems and automated or web-based medication dispensers
  • PT/INR machines