The moment your aging parent is diagnosed with breast cancer is life-changing for both of you. At this moment, you are at the beginning of a potentially difficult and long journey that will impact the care you give your parent for the rest of their life. It is important to remember that this journey is extremely personal for your parent, and they should be at the center of every decision made. This makes taking the time to talk to your parent and ask them a variety of questions, an important step in understanding how this journey may progress, and how to structure your care so it is right for your loved one.


Caregiver in Carmel IN: Breast Cancer Questions

Caregiver in Carmel IN: Breast Cancer Questions


Some questions to ask your senior after they are diagnosed with breast cancer include:


How are you? Just acknowledging them and what they are going through, and giving them the opportunity to express their feelings and work through them can be extremely valuable.

Are you ready to talk about your options? Your parent might not immediately be ready to talk about treatment, surgery, or other issues. Give them some time to think through this, and get to a place where they are better prepared.

Do you want a different opinion? If your parent has heard the treatment options from their current medical team, ask them if they might want to hear other options from a different provider. Empowering them to educate themselves can give them the opportunity to know what they need to to make the choice that is truly right for them.

How can I support you? You know you will need to be there for your parent to help them manage physical needs and continue to address challenges and limitations that impact their daily functioning, such as mobility issues and handling finances. When they are at the beginning of a fight with breast cancer, it is critical they know you are there for them for emotional support and encouragement as well. Make yourself available to your parent, and let them know they are not alone.

The fully customizable nature of the services of an elderly care provider is just one of the reasons why this type of care can be an incredible benefit to your senior in their later years.

When you incorporate an elderly home care services provider into your care routine for your senior, you are giving them access to a completely individualized approach to care and support.

The services they receive are specifically designed to match their needs and challenges, as well as their goals and personality. This means they are approached as a whole individual, rather than just a specific issue or challenge. The result is more independence, better health, greater safety, and overall higher quality of life.

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