5 Ways to Create a Safe Environment for Physical Therapy

Safe Environment for Physical Therapy Carmel IN

Safe Environment for Physical Therapy Carmel IN

Physical therapy at home is an essential part of healing from injuries, managing chronic health issues, and improving mobility. The key to success in working with a physical therapist at home is to have a plan and to dedicate a safe space in the home to sessions. Doing so makes it a lot easier to do the actual exercises involved, both during the session and in between. Here are some ideas for putting together a designated area for working with a physical therapist.

Clear Some Space

Part of creating a safe environment for physical therapy sessions at home involves making sure that there is plenty of free space available to move around easily. That doesn’t mean completely clearing out an entire room, but it might mean setting aside some space in the living room or another room specifically for time with the physical therapist. To do this, it might be necessary to rearrange items of furniture a bit or move some items into a different room temporarily.

Remove Tripping Hazards

Something else to consider when clearing space is whether there are any tripping hazards in the house. This can include loose rugs, walkways that are too narrow, uneven flooring, or cords that stretch across walkways. Removing or rearranging anything that could cause a tripping hazard is an important part of keeping the home safe in general and also preparing for visits from a physical therapist.

Check the Lighting

Poor lighting can contribute to fall risk, and it’s something that is relatively easy to fix. Adding additional light fixtures is one solution. Another is to swap out lower-wattage light bulbs for bulbs that are brighter. It’s also important to look at the color temperature of the bulbs in use, too. Bulbs that are described as “warm white” tend to look dimmer than bulbs described as “daylight.”

Gather Necessary Equipment

Depending on the reason for physical therapy, patients might need to have some additional equipment on hand, like hand weights, exercise balls, or resistance bands. These are helpful during sessions, but they’re also useful for “homework” between sessions. Keeping this equipment in the designated area for physical therapy helps to make sessions easier to get started.

Prioritize Appointments with Physical Therapists

Physical therapists are able to evaluate how the patient is doing and put together a plan for making progress depending on the goals for these sessions. Recovering from an injury, surgery, or illness requires time and dedication. Prioritizing physical therapy appointments and exercises in between sessions is going to ensure that the patient gets the best results possible from this type of treatment.

Creating a safe environment for home physical therapy sessions is vital for preventing future injuries and setbacks. Attending appointments on a regular basis gets patients closer to reaching their goals and hopefully getting to a point in which they are as mobile and healthy as they are able to be. Hopefully that leads to greater well-being overall and successfully completing the therapist’s plan for healing.

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