Unfortunately, there are many elderly people who get into car wrecks. If you are a caregiver for a senior citizen, it would be helpful for you to know that there are many different reasons why elderly people get into car wrecks.


Caregiver in Zionsville IN: Senior Car Accidents

Caregiver in Zionsville IN: Senior Car Accidents



They may have problems with their eyesight, physical problems, or delayed reaction times. They may even have a combination of these issues. Knowing more about the reasons why many seniors get into car wrecks can help you to decide whether the senior you are caring for should be driving.


Eyesight Issues

One of the reasons why many senior citizens get into car wrecks is because of their eyesight. In fact, eyesight starts deteriorating as someone gets older. This includes the depth perception, peripheral vision, and speed at which the eyes adjust to light level changes. When driving having these changes occur can be quite dangerous. The driver isn’t able to judge distance and speed. They aren’t able to cope with the glare from headlights, brake lights, or the sunlight, as well, either.


Physical Issues

Physical issues are another cause for car wrecks in the elderly. With more muscle stiffness and restricted mobility, it can be quite difficult for seniors to drive and maneuver their vehicles when needed. It can be tougher for them to brake and steer the vehicle. This can pose a risk to not only themselves, but to other drivers, too.


Reaction Time Issues

Reduced reaction time is another cause for concern amongst the elderly drivers. As someone gets older, especially if their eyesight is bad or they have physical issues causing it, they can have significantly reduced reaction time. This can be a problem if the senior citizen needs to brake suddenly for any reason.


Things to Do About It

It is important to do something about it if you know that the senior you are caring for is having these issues. You don’t want them putting themselves or others in danger while out on the road. If you can’t drive them around everywhere they need to go, you can always hire a home care provider to do this for them. Home care providers can transport them to appointments, social events, around town, grocery shopping, and more.


There are many elderly people who get into car wrecks. As you have just read, there are many reasons for this. They may have visual issues, physical issues, or issues with their reaction time. If you notice they have any of these issues, you can do something about it. A senior care provider can provide transportation for your senior when it comes time to hang up the keys. This is just one of the many benefits that senior care offers your elderly parent.


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