Common Senior Health Issues That Benefit From Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Indianapolis

Physical Therapy Indianapolis

A physical therapist is a trained medical professional. It’s a PT’s role to evaluate a patient’s condition and establish a plan to help recover from surgery or bone fracture, pain management, or improved coordination, balance, or movement.


Your dad’s doctor may recommend that your dad works with a physical therapist for many reasons. Here are some of the more common reasons physical therapy is recommended.


Vertigo and Poor Balance


Inner ear problems with aging can lead to vertigo and a loss of balance. If your dad is experiencing vertigo, it’s not surprising. Three out of ten adults over 60 do, and that dizziness puts your dad at risk of falling.


Vertigo is not the only thing that causes poor balance. People with Alzheimer’s disease often start experiencing vision loss, particularly finding it hard to judge depth perception. That can make it hard to walk steadily. A physical therapist can help with balance training.




After a stroke, your dad may not be able to use one side of his body. Walking is a skill he has to learn all over again. A physical therapist can help him regain mobility. If he needs a walker or wheelchair, his physical therapist will help him master how to use them.


Parkinson’s Disease


As Parkinson’s worsens, your dad’s gait, balance, and mobility are all affected. With physical therapy, he builds strength and balance skills, helping him stay as mobile as possible for longer.




Getting older often means osteoarthritis sets in. When an ankle, knee, hip, or shoulder is in pain, the instinct to take it easy kicks in. Taking it easy can worsen the pain, as the joint keeps stiffening up. Working with a physical therapist can help maintain flexibility and mobility in the affected joints.


Joint Replacement


If your dad’s joints wear out over time, sessions should follow the joint replacement surgery with a physical therapist to help build muscle strength around that joint. He needs to learn how to walk or move again to keep his new joint healthy.


Bone Fracture


If your dad falls or is in an accident and fractures a bone, he’ll be in a cast or splint until it heals. Plus, he’s going to take it easy for a bit. Once he’s able to use his arm, leg, or whatever was broken, he’ll have exercises to build back muscle strength. Physical therapy helps with that.


Would it help to have physical therapy services at your dad’s home? Instead of having to support his weight as he gets in and out of your car, have physical therapists come to his home. With home health care services like physical therapy, it’s possible. Call to learn more.


If you or an aging loved one are considering Physical Therapy in Indianapolis, IN, please call the caring staff at Home Services Unlimited. Serving the Greater Indianapolis Area. Call for Immediate Info & Assistance: (317) 471-0760.



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