Five Reasons Physical Therapy Is So Important for Seniors

Physical Therapy in Brownsburg

Physical Therapy in Brownsburg

You and your senior might wonder how physical therapists can work with her to improve her quality of life. Physical therapy doesn’t have to be complicated or exhausting to give your senior serious benefits. Here are some of the big reasons she should consider trying out physical therapy.

Reduce Injury Risk

Firstly, physical therapy allows your elderly family member to improve her mobility over time. Which in turn helps reduce her risk of injuring herself. If your elderly family member is afraid she might hurt herself, she may have stopped moving as much as she should. This can increase her injury risk far more than she realizes. A physical therapist can also work with your senior on specific issues. Her needs and risk factors determine her personalized program.

Recover from Injuries Quickly

If your elderly family member becomes injured, recovery is crucial. Given that, having the help of an experienced physical therapist ensures she’s regaining strength and abilities safely. After all, her body’s recovery needs determine her recovery plan.  Keeping up with what she learns from her physical therapist can reduce your senior’s chances of reinjuring herself.

Improve Chronic Health Issues

Whether your elderly family member is dealing with chronic pain or other health issues, physical therapy can help her improve those chronic conditions. Health issues like diabetes, COPD, and high blood pressure tend to benefit from properly exercising, even just a little bit. Working with a physical therapist can ensure your senior is learning to move her body in a way that supports her health.

Become Stronger and More Flexible

In general, when your elderly family member is stronger and as flexible as possible, that’s better for her. That allows her to maintain her mobility and coordination. Generally, as your elderly family member ages, she’s losing muscle mass and strength. That has a big impact on her ability to remain mobile. If your senior has difficulty with mobility, physical therapy may help her reverse that experience and regain some peace of mind.

Become More Independent

Along with increased mobility, your elderly family member can also gain and maintain independence when she’s more physically capable. This can be especially important when your aging family member wants to age in place for as long as possible. Improving balance, flexibility, and mobility ensures your senior has what she needs to go through her day confidently.

Your elderly family member doesn’t have to be injured to take advantage of physical therapy. Talk with her doctor about the challenges your senior faces now, and determine if this is a good fit for her needs. Over time, your elderly family member can use what she learns with her physical therapist in all sorts of situations.

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