Common Dementia Behavior Changes You Should Know About

Unfortunately, dementia affects many people around the world. This can be a frustrating and sometimes even dangerous disease. A person with dementia can experience many behavior changes that you should know about. If your loved one doesn’t yet have a dementia diagnosis, if you recognize these changes, you may want to have them checked out for dementia.


Home Care in Greenwood IN: Common Dementia Behavior Changes

Home Care in Greenwood IN: Common Dementia Behavior Changes



Threatening or Aggressive Behaviors

Has your loved one started hitting you or others? Are they throwing things? Do they scream and yell at people who love them? If they are experiencing these threatening or aggressive behavior changes, they may have unmet needs that they can’t express in other ways. They may be frustrated, bored, or even in pain. Try to assess their needs to see what is going on.


Fear, Worry, or Anxiety

Many people with dementia will feel fearful, worry a lot, or have anxiety. If this is something new your elderly loved one is experiencing, it may be time to have them checked out by a doctor. They could have dementia. Make sure you have their elderly care providers keep an eye out for this, as well.



Does your loved one have no desire to do something they used to love? Are they feeling down or out-of-sorts? If this is the case, you may want to have them checked out by a doctor. There could be many things going on and dementia could be one of them.


Hallucinations, Delusions, or Delirium

When someone has dementia, they could experience hallucinations, delusions, or delirium. These things are real to them. Fighting or arguing with them about these things won’t work. However, you can have them seen by a doctor to see if they have dementia or another mental health illness going on.


Impulsive Behaviors

Maybe your elderly loved one has become impulsive lately. This may have come out of nowhere or it may have been slowly happening. They may feel like they can do anything and express themselves in any way. If this is something you are noticing, you may want to check with their doctor to have them assessed for dementia.


There are many behavioral changes that can be seen with dementia. Whenever you are taking care of an elderly loved one, these are some of the things that you should look out for. You never know when dementia could sneak up on them. Sometimes people might even experience early-onset dementia. This could happen when they are a bit younger and it may catch you off-guard. Start looking out for these symptoms today. You might be surprised to learn that your loved one has dementia.


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