Does Your Dad Drink Enough Water?


Home Care in Noblesville, IN: Senior Hydration

Home Care in Noblesville, IN: Senior Hydration


Your dad loves his gardens, but he has a habit of going outside all day and not remembering to stop and drink water. You worry about it as he’s dealt with heat exhaustion in the past. What can you do to ensure he’s staying hydrated?

How Much Should He Drink?

The foods your dad eats will make up about 20% of his daily recommended water intake. But, how do you know how much he should drink to get the other 80%? Many nutritionists use a simple formula that takes a person’s weight and divides it by 2.2. That number is then multiplied by 30. Finally, they divide the result of the last step by 28.3. That number is the amount of water, in ounces, your dad should consume.

For example:

Your dad weighs 200 pounds. After doing the math, he should get around 96 ounces of water. Once he takes out the 20% he eats in foods, he needs to aim for around 77 ounces per day, which is about two liters.

200 ÷ 2.2 ≈ 90

90 x 30 = 2,700

2,700 ÷ 28.3 ≈ 96

96 – 20% ≈ 77

Keep Melon Cubes in the Refrigerator

Peel and cube watermelon and cantaloupe to keep in the refrigerator. Melons have high water content and can help your dad get a boost of water in a healthy snack.

Berries, oranges, and grapes also have plenty of water. Wash them and keep them on hand.

Have Filtered Water and Favorite Beverages On Hand

Your dad may drink more if there is filtered water on hand. If he’s more likely to drink iced tea, make a pitcher of unsweetened iced tea and have some lemon slices in a bag or container for him to use.

Make Ice Pops

If your dad loves frozen treats like ice cream, puree bananas, cinnamon, and almond milk. Pour that mixture into an ice pop tray. He can have those for a snack.

You could also make them with fruits. Mix orange or pineapple juice with berries and kiwi for a refreshing fruit pop.

If he has diabetes and has to be careful about sugar intake, you could make lemonade or limeade sweetened with stevia and make ice pops. Use lemon and lime together for a refreshing summer treat. Be creative when pairing flavors.

Does He Need Someone to Remind Him?

What keeps your dad from drinking plenty of water each day? Would he drink more if someone was available to remind him it was time to take a break and have some water? Hire home care assistance services for this reason.

Caregivers can monitor his activities outside in the heat and make sure he’s taking necessary breaks. If he’s been outside too long, a home care assistance aide can coax him to come in, have a drink and snack, and make sure he’s staying hydrated and not overheating.


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