6 Major Safety Risks in Your Senior’s Home

If there’s one thing that you need to do for your senior as she ages, it’s to make sure that she is as safe as she can possibly be. That’s even more true when her goal is to remain in her own home for as long as she can. Aging in place involves prioritizing solutions such as hiring home care services, that enable your elderly family member to feel and to be safe, no matter what is going on with her health and her life.


Home Care Services in Avon IN: Home Safety Risks

Home Care Services in Avon IN: Home Safety Risks



Kitchens are a space that can quickly become dangerous for your elderly family member, even if your senior is an expert in that room. There are appliances that can become a safety risk, like the stove, and spills can be a huge issue. Staying on top of safety in the kitchen might mean bringing in 24-hour home care providers at some point, especially if your elderly family member is experiencing cognitive changes.


Bathrooms are a dangerous room for anyone, but they can be especially treacherous for your senior. If she’s worried, that might cause her to become even more unsafe. Grab bars, special non-slip mats, and removing everything that isn’t absolutely necessary could be the way to go. Also, getting help from senior care providers with personal care tasks is a good idea.


Stairs require special attention. Check the treads and make sure that they’re not too slippery. If they’re especially narrow stair treads, you might want to investigate other options for keeping your senior safe and yet mobile in her home, like using a stairlift. Make sure that handrails are firmly attached to the wall and encourage your senior to use them.


What types of flooring does your senior have? If she’s dealing with hard floors, pay close attention to things like throw rugs or area rugs. These can easily become slippery, moving underneath your senior when she least expects them to do so. Removing these and encouraging your elderly family member to wear shoes with a non-slip sole can help immensely.


Most people don’t realize how dangerous clutter can become. Clutter on counters, tables, and bookcases can keep your senior from finding items when she needs them. It can also keep her from being able to effectively use those spaces. Clutter on the floor is even more dangerous because that quickly becomes a tripping hazard.

Being Alone

Spending too much time alone can also be a safety issue. Seniors who isolate are more likely to experience serious health problems, and if your elderly family member already has chronic health concerns that can be devastating for her overall well-being. 24-hour home care providers can be a perfect way to ensure that your senior is getting the help that she needs as well as the companionship that she requires.


Home Care Services Conclusion

Keeping your senior safe means looking at all of the various ways that her safety can be at risk. It helps if you’ve got some assistance in your corner as you make your assessments because it’s easy to feel as if you’re missing something.


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