In-Home Care for Seniors with Broken Bones

Has your elderly mom or dad recently been hospitalized for a bone fracture sustained in a fall?
If so, they are among the millions of seniors that break a bone each year, causing trauma, stress and additional health complications. Family caregivers with elderly relatives that have a fractured bone may not understand the magnitude of the injury and overlook the amount of in-home care their aging loved one needs. Don’t make the same mistake and instead, line up a senior care provider to help your elderly mom or dad with their recovery.


Home Care Services in Noblesville IN: Seniors with Broken Bones


Senior Bones Take Time to Heal

While all broken bones take several weeks to heal, it’s common for fractures to take nearly twice as long in aging adults. That’s because the bones are not as dense, due to age-related conditions like osteoporosis. An elderly person’s body also takes longer to heal from the trauma of a broken bone. Other effects of the fracture might include poor circulation to the area, tissue damage and the development of an infection. Some elderly adults may require surgery to repair the break, such as with a broken hip, which can add to the senior’s recovery time.

After the senior’s initial treatment of the broken bone at the hospital, many doctors recommend a stay at a short-term rehabilitation center for basic recovery. After a few days or a week, they release the elderly adult to return to their home. It’s then your responsibility to see that your elderly mom or dad has the in-home care they need to continue to heal properly while focusing on mental health, physical therapy, and pain management. An in-home senior care provider is ideal in this situation.


5 Ways Senior Care Providers Help Elderly Adults with Fractured Bones

Senior care providers are professionals with experience and training to help aging adults with physical or mental disabilities. Whether short-term or long-term, aging adults with broken bones will need someone who can help them out with all kinds of daily tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, and even pet care. As the aging adult struggles with physical limitations, discomfort, and pain, the senior care provider is right there with them to help as needed.

In the first weeks and months of recovering from a broken bone, you can schedule the senior care provider for as often as needed. As your aging mom or dad regains some abilities, you may be able to scale back the hours that the senior care provider should be there. However, it’s a mistake to shortchange your aging parent’s need for someone to be around to assist both physically and mentally. The companionship aspect of senior care providers can be quite valuable in their healing as they have someone to keep their mind off their pain and suffering.

You can do a lot of things for your elderly parent who is recovering from a broken bone, but unless you are in a unique living situation, you probably can’t spend all day every day with them as they recover. When your aging mom or dad needs in-home help, investigate hiring a senior care provider to make the process easier for them.


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