In some areas of the U.S., seniors have been self-quarantining for at least two weeks. Some have been staying home for close to a month. It’s not surprising that some older adults are feeling trapped and getting antsy.


Home Care Services in Zionsville IN: Senior Care Tips

Home Care Services in Zionsville IN: Senior Care Tips


Your parents are among that crowd. They haven’t seen friends and family in weeks. They haven’t been to a store, a restaurant, a senior center, or a church in what seems like months. How can you make sure they stay home when they’re feeling trapped?


Schedule More Video Chats

Arrange extra video chats each day or week so that your parents have more opportunities to socialize and “see” their friends and family members. If they were using Google Hangouts, Facetime, or Skype to video chat once a week, boost it to three times a week or even daily chats.

Make sure the chats take place with a mix of friends and different family members. If they’re missing weekly services at their church, see if their church is hosting any virtual services. If not, look for online church services offered by other churches that allow them to attend a service from the safety of their home.


Keep Them Stocked With Activities

Keep your parents stocked with plenty of activities. Purchase some puzzle books that are packed with crosswords, word searches, logic problems, Sudoku puzzles, and more. Stock up on jigsaw puzzles and crafting supplies.

If your parents like to bake, try to get them a good stock of flour and other baking ingredients. Flour, yeast, and sugar are staples for bread making, so your parents could make and stock up on homemade bread when they need something to do.


Go for Rides

If all else fails and you’re in a position to do so, take your parents for a drive. Gas prices have plummeted, so you won’t have to pay a lot for gas during this trip. Take a scenic drive up into the mountains, along the coast, or on back roads.

While they’re not going to be able to get out and see people, they can at least get out of their house. They’ll see familiar areas in their town and neighboring cities. They’ll have the chance to wave to friends or acquaintances who are out walking.

What if you don’t live with your mom and dad? You shouldn’t go to visit them. You could have been exposed to coronavirus and risk exposing them. Elderly care services are a better option. They can have a trained caregiver stopping by using appropriate safety measures to make sure they’re supplied with food and medications.


Elderly care aides can make sure your parents are okay. If they seem to have signs of coronavirus, caregivers can alert you and alert your parents’ doctors to see what steps should be taken. Call an elderly care agency to learn more about the benefits of caregivers when people are in self-quarantines.


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