Home Health Care: What Can Your Senior Do about an Unsteady Gait?

Home Health Care: Your senior might develop an unsteady gait for a variety of reasons.

Losing muscle tone, becoming more sedentary, and even experiencing other health issues can be some reasons.. What’s most crucial is for you your home health care provider and you’re senior to face the situation head on whenever possible, and these ideas can help.


Home Health Care in Brownsburg IN: Unsteady Gait

Home Health Care in Brownsburg IN: Unsteady Gait


Talk to Her Doctor

As soon as you or your senior realize that her gait is changing, talk with her doctor. There may be medical causes for these changes. There may be other possible solutions, as well. It’s important to try to get to the root cause of the issue as soon as you can, because that’s going to help your senior to avoid other problems, like a potential fall. Once she does experience a fall, the problem becomes much more complicated.

Consider Changes That Might Help

There might be some changes your senior can make that can help. Those changes might include being more physically active, if her doctor agrees, or changing her diet. Your senior may need to take medications or supplements that help her to improve the situation with her balance and her gait. Some of these changes might seem small at first, but they really can add up and make a big difference.

Include Assistive Tools and Devices

Assistive devices might be the last thing that your senior wants to use, but they can help her to remain as safe as possible while she improves her situation. They can also help her to increase her mobility if she’s stopped being as active as she could be out of fear. Learning how to use these devices properly is crucial because that also helps her to be as safe as possible.

Home Health Care: Consider Physical Therapy at Home

One of the ways that your elderly family member might ease into exercise and ensure that she’s using her assistive tools correctly is through the help of a physical therapist. Physical therapy at home can be far less intimidating because your senior is in the comfort and safety of her own home instead of dealing with external challenges to get to appointments. Physical therapists can also help to target her specific needs.

It’s important to manage issues around balance or difficulty walking as thoroughly as possible. Doing so helps your elderly family member to retain mobility and can even help her to improve her mobility. Home health care services can make all of that easier for your senior to do.


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