It’s not easy to start drinking water, but your senior may need to just do it. Water is a vital part of helping her to stay as healthy as possible. If she’s not drinking enough water, your senior’s body may have trouble performing all sorts of normal functions and she may just feel lousy. Here are some ideas that can help.


Senior Care in Carmel IN: Increasing Water Intake

Senior Care in Carmel IN: Increasing Water Intake


Follow the Glass of Water with Meds Rule

Your senior’s doctor might have told her to make sure she takes her medication with a full glass of water. This is such a prevalent rule that most pharmacies include the advice in their prescription leaflets, too. It’s a rule that’s a good one to follow, especially if your senior is having a tough time drinking enough water. When your elderly family member follows this rule, she’s likely going to increase her water intake but her body will be able to manage the medications more readily.


Aim for Steady Sipping All Day Long

You might aim for a high goal at first, like getting your senior to drink a gallon of water a day. While that’s an amazing goal, it’s probably also going to fall way short very fast. What you need to do instead is to set small goals that are achievable. That’s going to give your senior success. Also, don’t try to get her to drink a lot of water at once. Sipping throughout the day is better for her body and it’s easier to do.


Try Watery Snacks

Some people are just never going to be thrilled to drink water. One option is to seek out watery snacks and foods, like fruits that your elderly family member enjoys. Some of the foods you might try could include melons, cucumbers, and even broths and clear soups. Herbal teas can also be good if they’re not loaded down with sugar and other ingredients.


Sip Before and After Exercise

Regular exercise means that you can bookend one habit with a new one. Encourage your senior to sip water before she exercises and then again after she exercises. This helps her to increase her water intake, but it also helps her to stay hydrated while she’s working out and afterward.

If you’re not able to be there with your senior all day long, elder care providers may be a great solution for your problem. They can offer companionship and help your senior to remember to drink water more often.


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