Senior Health: There are so many healthy foods that senior citizens should be eating.

As a family caregiver, you might think of adding kale, spinach, lean meats, and similar foods to your loved one’s diet. Make sure you or the home care assistance providers don’t forget about the peaches. Research shows that peaches have many different health benefits for good senior health.


Senior Health: Healthy Eating

Senior Health: Healthy Eating


Better Eye Health

One of the best health benefits of peaches is better eye health. Research shows that peaches have high beta-carotene levels. This is an antioxidant that boosts blood circulation. If your elderly loved one eats peaches regularly, it can help lower their risk of age-related eye health diseases. In addition, eating peaches often might help to boost your elderly loved one’s vision.

Reducing Inflammation

Research also shows that peaches can have a mild laxative and diuretic effects. If your elderly loved one is used to taking those medications to help with constipation or other digestion issues, eating peaches regularly can be a replacement. In addition, peaches can help to reduce inflammation in other areas of the body. Many people who struggle with gout, rheumatism, or arthritis eat peaches to help reduce their pain and discomfort.

Lowering Cancer Risk

There are many vitamins and antioxidants in peaches. Research shows these can help to lower a person’s risk of cancer. Peaches also have a lot of phenolic acids in them. Those acids can help to encourage healthy cell growth. They can even slow down the growth or stop the growth of cancer cells. If your elderly loved one already has a cancer diagnosis or is trying to prevent cancer, make sure peaches are added to their meal plan.

Promoting Healthier Skin

Peaches can help your elderly loved one to get healthier skin, too. This is because peaches have a lot of vitamins A and C. These nutrients help encourage better skin elasticity. They can help the skin to glow, as well. Many senior citizens despise wrinkles. Some newer research shows that peaches may help to prevent wrinkles, too. If needed, you or senior care providers can remind your loved one to eat peaches regularly, so they can have healthier skin.

Senior Health: Conclusion

Are you looking for the best foods to improve your elderly loved one’s health? If so, don’t forget to have you or home care assistance providers add peaches to your loved one’s meal plan. If they eat them regularly, they will receive more senior health benefits.


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