Six Ways to Reduce Neck Pain

Home Care Assistance in Avon

Home Care Assistance in Avon

As your loved one gets older, the chance of him developing some neck pain is likely. The discs that make up the spine dry out as a person ages, and that causes them to have less give and take with movements. It might not take much for your loved one to complain about a sore or stiff neck occasionally.

It’s a good idea to get any new aches and pains checked out by your loved one’s regular physician. If it’s determined that his neck pain is solely the result of getting older, there are still things you can help him do to reduce or eliminate the amount of neck pain he experiences each week. Here are six tips that may help your loved one find a bit of relief from his neck pain.

  1. Adjust sitting and work areas. If your loved spends a lot of time on the computer or sitting in one spot for a hobby (such as putting a puzzle together or working on some art projects), you’ll want to make sure his area is ergonomically correct for him. Some minor adjustments can make it so his neck isn’t straining so hard to allow him to see what he is doing. For a computer, make sure the monitor is at eye level, so he isn’t looking down all day.
  2. Check that eyeglass prescription. If your loved one hasn’t had his eyes checked in a while, you might want to plan a visit. His home care assistance provider can bring him in to see if he needs a new prescription.
  3. Move around a bit each hour. Holding his neck in one position for too long can cause neck pain. Have your loved one get up and walk around or stretch regularly, especially if most of his day is sitting. He can plan a quick walk outside with his home care assistance provider, or simply do some neck stretches regularly.
  4. Don’t use too many pillows. While it can feel lovely to lay his head down on a stack of pillows at night, he might find his neck is aching. Sleeping with multiple pillows under his head each evening can stifle his neck’s range of motion.
  5. Ask for help. It’s important for your loved one to know when to ask for help, so he doesn’t compound his neck pain. A home care assistance team can help with home chores and outdoor chores that may trigger neck pain. Activities such as mowing the lawn or shoveling heavy snow can cause your loved one to injure his neck or back. Even carrying laundry upstairs may be problematic. You can work with a home care assistance team to determine how they can help with those types of chores.
  6. Get a good night’s sleep. Sleep helps reduce tension and stress in the neck and throughout the body.

Neck pain usually takes years to develop, so it might take some time to reduce it. Continue with these healthy habits and see if your loved one’s neck pain is reduced.

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