Supporting Seniors With Insomnia

When seniors choose to stay at home and age in place rather than go to a nursing home, this can be scary for the family members of the senior. If your parents are determined to age in place, you will want to make sure they are somehow staying on a routine that focuses on optimal health. This means they should be eating, drinking, working out, and sleeping regularly, even as an older adult. An elderly care provider can help out with this.


Elderly Care in Zionsville IN: Sleep

Elderly Care in Zionsville IN: Sleep


Sleep is an essential element of healthy aging, but what happens if a senior loved one has trouble sleeping? While sleep habits alter as people age, it’s critical to determine whether any physical, emotional, cognitive, or pharmacological reasons are to blame. Companion care at home are professionals who can help keep an eye on your parents’ sleeping habits when you’re busy taking care of your own family.

Insomnia, a sleep condition characterized by persistent difficulties falling or staying asleep, is a prevalent sleep issue among seniors. It can be hard to know what signs and symptoms are of insomnia, especially if you’ve never had experience. Companion care at home can help keep an eye on a few of these symptoms that may indicate a senior is suffering from insomnia.

  • Difficulty Falling Asleep
  • Difficulty Staying Asleep
  • Waking Up Too Early Consistently
  • Not Going To Bed At A Reasonable Hour
  • They Never Feel Refreshed After Sleep
  • They Can’t Concentrate
  • They Rely On Sleeping Pills

Seniors may not even know they’re experiencing insomnia which can be dangerous. You must notice these symptoms and ask seniors questions about how they’re feeling and what’s keeping them up. If you notice anything abnormal when it comes to sleeping habits it’s time to get your senior to the doctor.

Companion Care at Home Can Encourage Healthy Habits

Sleeping is crucial for a senior, and there is a myth stating that seniors need less sleep. That is not true, and a senior should focus on healthy habits. Luckily, there are ways for companion care at home to help seniors stick with healthy habits.

Provides Companionship To Seniors

Living alone doesn’t always lead to a peaceful bedtime routine. Luckily, by having someone at home to help out, a routine can be created easier. Preparing for bed might be challenging for a senior. They may not be able to change into pajamas, brush their teeth, or go to the bathroom before bed. All of this can be added to a care plan, and if a senior has some help, they may feel more relaxed during their bedtime routine.


Maintaining DayTime Routines

Any shifts during the day can mess up a nighttime routine for seniors. Drinking too much coffee because they forget what time it is, taking longer naps during the day, or eating meals at different times than usual can all impact how well a senior sleeps. Keeping a senior on a routine will be necessary. Their bodies will become tired at the right time without even realizing it.

Loved ones living with insomnia can be stressful for the whole family. It is hard to battle, but there are things you can do to help your seniors.


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