Your Mom Fell on Ice, Now What?

Skilled Nursing in Carmel

Skilled Nursing in Carmel

In some areas, the amount of snow and ice that builds up on homes, sidewalks, roads, and front porches and steps is tremendous. Despite salt or sand down, it’s not a guarantee your mom won’t fall. That’s exactly what happened. She slipped on ice and hit her head.

She’s been in the hospital to get stitches, and she’s pretty sore all over. But, her doctors say she can go home. Skilled nursing care has been advised for the next week. What services will help her once she’s home?

Health Monitoring

One of the most important roles of skilled nursing care after this kind of fall is that they can monitor her health. The first few days of a head injury can be the most important. Nurses will monitor your mom for signs of a concussion or traumatic brain injury.

If your mom’s symptoms seem to be worsening, her nurse is there to communicate health checks with her medical team and determine the next steps. If your mom needs to return to the hospital, her nurse will coordinate transportation, which eases your stress and ensures your mom has the care she needs at all times.

As she recovers, her nurse can monitor her pulse, oxygen saturation levels, respiration rates, and blood pressure. All this information is recorded and shared with your mom’s doctor.

Physical Therapy

Your mom may have pulled some muscles in the fall. Maybe she sprained a wrist or ankle. Her joints and muscles may be sore from strains and tears. Physical therapy at home will help your mom regain strength and balance. Skilled nurses help her with her prescribed daily exercises.

Wound Care

Your mom’s head wound will need care. She has to keep the bandages dry as instructed. Her nurses change the dressings, check the stitches to ensure their condition, and clean the wound. If there are signs of infection, her nurses are there to let the doctors know and implement any changes to her care plan.


To ease the pain or manage infection, your mom may be administered medications through injections or an IV. With skilled nursing care, this takes place in your mom’s home.

Furthermore, her nurse can set up IV lines and ensure your mom gets any medications that the doctor recommends. If she’s having a bad reaction to a medication, the nurse is there to take immediate action. When she no longer needs medications through an IV, her nurse will remove the line.

Certainly, skilled nursing care helps your mom recover at home without risking her safety. It also helps you, as you’re not trying to help your mom with care routines beyond your skill set. Call a home health care agency to learn more about skilled nursing care prices.

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