How Does Home Health Care Benefit Older Adults With Heart Disease?

Home Health Care in Carmel

Home Health Care in Carmel

Your dad learned he has congestive heart failure or underwent heart surgery. While it’s not uncommon, it’s alarming. He’s stressed and scared. Ask his doctor about the benefits of home health care services while he adjusts to the diagnosis.

Physical Therapy 

Exercise is important, but it’s equally important that your dad doesn’t strain his heart. Working with a physical therapist in his home helps your dad learn the right exercises to do to get enough exercise without overdoing it.

Dietary Education

Your dad’s diet may also need to change. Some of the things he’ll need are to watch his sodium intake and avoid sugar and saturated fat. If he’s not accustomed to eating healthy, he should work with a home health care nutritionist.

A home health care nutrition expert helps him learn how to plan an appropriate menu. He also gains instruction that helps him cook foods that match his needs and shop for groceries that suit his budget.

Wound and Incision Care

If your dad had surgery, he’ll have an incision to take care of. Bandages need to be kept clean and dry. He’ll have to change the bandages as instructed. However, a home health care nurse can clean the incision, inspect it for signs of infection, and keep his medical team updated.

What if his incision is red or puffy? Then, his nurse will assess it and talk to the doctor about the next steps. His nurse can administer IV antibiotics or injected medications to help treat an infection in the early stages.

Medication Administration

Your dad’s doctor has medications he needs to take, but they’re not sure which will work the best. With a home health care nurse administering all medications, your dad’s nurse can monitor his reactions, if they help or not, and report to the doctor.

Over time, they’ll find the most appropriate medication and dosage. The nurse can adjust medications and dosages without your dad having to return to the doctor’s office or hospital, which eases his stress.

Vital Signs

Careful monitoring of your dad’s pulse, blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels, temperature, and respiration rates is chiefly important. He might also need to have ECGs performed periodically. To avoid constantly going to the doctor, his nurse can take his vitals and perform an ECG, and report the outcomes to his cardiologist.

Don’t leave your dad without the support he needs as he learns how to take care of himself.  Home health care services can undoubtedly help him with everything from dietary education to care for any incisions he had after heart surgery.

If your dad needs someone to check his heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation levels each day, by all means a home health care nurse is there. If he needs blood tests, IV fluids, or injected medications, a nurse can also help with that. Call to learn more.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Home Health Care in Carmel, IN, please call the caring staff at Home Services Unlimited. Serving the Greater Indianapolis Area. Call for Immediate Info & Assistance: (317) 471-0760.

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