4 Trip Hazards Seniors and Families Shouldn’t Ignore

Senior Care Avon

Senior Care Avon

Tripping and falling at home can cause severe injuries for seniors, and falling at home is the most common cause of injuries in seniors. Every year more than three million seniors fall and are injured. Even a fall that doesn’t seem serious can cause injuries that will put your senior parent in rehab or impact their mobility. Minimizing the risks of falling in seniors’ homes is crucial.

Senior care is an excellent resource for keeping seniors safe at home. Senior care seniors are less likely to fall at home because they will have help getting home. And a care provider can ensure that there are no hazards or things that could cause seniors to trip and fall. If your senior parent is aging in place, you and they should watch out for these trip hazards:


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that cords can be a considerable tripping hazard for seniors. Seniors may not be able to lift their feet over a cord. They also may not see the cord on the floor. Or, if they are using a cane or walker, the tip of the cane or the wheels of the walker could get caught in the cord and cause them to fall. To get rid of this tripping hazard, choose electronics with long cords and run the cords up the wall or across the wall securely instead of having them lying on the floor.

Pets And Pet Items

Pets are great for seniors, but they can be unpredictable. In their excitement, pets can dart in front of a senior and cause them to trip or fall. They can also leave toys and other items in front of your senior parent’s feet, causing them to trip and fall. Professional dog training can help dogs stay out of your parent’s way as they walk. At the same time, a senior care provider can ensure that toys and other items are safely stowed away and not in your senior loved one’s path.

Area Rugs And Runners

Similarly, area rugs and runner rugs cause thousands of falls among seniors every year. The edges ride up or get caught on a shoe, or the rug slips, and your senior loved one falls. Use heavy-duty carpet tape if you can’t remove all areas and runner rugs from home. In particular, tape all the edges of the rug. So put some tape in the center so the rug will stay put no matter what.

Shoes And Clutter

Shoes and other clutter regularly cause seniors to trip. Make sure that there are shoe racks by the door. But also put small ones near the couches and chairs. Also, by the bed. If your senior loved one wants to take their shoes off, they can. So, they put their shoes securely in a rack where they won’t be in the way.

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