Keeping a Walking Regimen Safe for Your Aging Parent

Home Care in Indianapolis IN: Senior Walking

Home Care in Indianapolis IN: Walking is often the easiest and most accessible form of physical activity for aging adults. Simply walking can be extremely beneficial in improving balance, strengthening joints and muscles, improving bone density, burning calories, improving cardiovascular health, maintaining a good body weight, and more.

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Helping Seniors with Post-Surgical Care

Elder Care in Zionsville IN: Senior Post Surgical Care

Elder Care in Zionsville IN: Most elderly adults need to have surgery for health issues. No matter how independent an aging adult was before the surgery, they are going to be dependent on outside help in the weeks that follow.

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Is Your Aging Parent Eating Enough?

Homecare in Indianapolis IN: Senior Malnutrition

Homecare in Indianapolis IN: As a family caregiver, you are not only responsible for helping your parent to manage the health challenges and physical limitations they already face. You must also pay close attention to their health and well-being.

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