Keeping a Walking Regimen Safe for Your Aging Parent

Home Care in Indianapolis IN: Senior Walking

Home Care in Indianapolis IN: Walking is often the easiest and most accessible form of physical activity for aging adults. Simply walking can be extremely beneficial in improving balance, strengthening joints and muscles, improving bone density, burning calories, improving cardiovascular health, maintaining a good body weight, and more.

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How Can Diabetes Affect Eyes?

Homecare in Greenwood IN: Diabetes Affects Eyes

Homecare in Greenwood IN: Are eyes the first thing you think of when you think of diabetes? Probably not. But the truth is that diabetes can cause serious eye complications that can even lead to vision loss.

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Questions to Ask Your Senior After They Are Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Caregiver in Carmel IN: Breast Cancer Questions

Caregiver in Carmel IN: The moment your aging parent is diagnosed with breast cancer is life-changing for both of you. At this moment, you are at the beginning of a potentially difficult and long journey that will impact the care you give your parent for the rest of their life.

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Finding the Right Doctor for an Older Adult

Home Care Services in Southport IN: Finding the Right Doctor

Home Care Services in Southport IN: There are many situations that can leave family caregivers looking for a new doctor for their aging relative. For example, insurance changes may cause a doctor to be out of the network available to the senior, or the doctor may move away or retire.

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